Thursday, October 14, 2010

To all my Barbiezzz...and Kenz

16x20 acrylic gouache; pastel
An assignment for Tom Woodruff and Yuko Shimizu's Portfolio class.
-Choose a Mother Goose nursery rhyme and transform a pop culture icon into a character/theme of that nursery rhyme.

What are little girls made of,
What are little girls made of?
Sugar spice and all things nice,
Thats was little girls are made of।

9x12; watercolor; pastel
An extra credit project I did for the Big Bad World of Illustration with Mickey Duzyj themed 'Bells and Whistles'. The chosen illustration will be selected for PlanSponsor Magazine with the addition of a $695 bonus.

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  1. you really got ways to make us view the world in a different way. kudos, youd have a black belt if art was judo